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Meeting with Bogna Swiatkowska (Warsaw, Poland)

On March 23 at 18.30 a meeting with the director of The New Culture Foundation "Bec Zmiana" (Warsaw, Poland), Bogna Swiatkowska, will be held in the framework of the educational program of the Kaliningrad branch of NCCA in the conference hall of the Tchekhov library. 

The "Bec Zmiana" Foundation (www.funbec.pl) was established in 2002 in order to facilitate the promotion of young art for a wider audience. The founders say that by implementing art projects predominantly in public spaces the Foundation, creates a kind of a tunnel for the mutual exchange of energy, ideas and thoughts between artists and on-lookers.
The "Bec Zmiana" Foundation is also actively involved in publishing work. Since 2003 it has been publishing the "Notes.na.6.tygodni" ("Notes for 6 weeks") magazine featuring contemporary Polish art, design and architecture. Another edition, "Notes.for.collectors", is published specially for new-comers who have just stepped on the way of creating their own collections. The edition is aimed at promoting the understanding of contemporary situation at the art market of Poland, presenting the new names and the latest most significant art works.      
"WARSAW - Free Map for Young Travellers" is another one bright example of the Foundation's publication activities. The map, made by youth for youth, contains really important information about the city and demonstrates over 100 most interesting sites, according to travelers, young city-dwellers and hostel-owners in Warsaw.  
All these editions are free and distributed in galleries, museums of contemporary art and cafes in 20 Polish cities.
In the framework of the presentation Bogna Swiatkowska will tell about the activities of The New Culture Foundation, show the documentation of implemented art projects and will give a deeper insight into the organization's publishing activities.

Entrance is free of charge.

The Tchekhov library (Kaliningrad, 39, Moskovsky prospect st.)  


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