On June 14-26 2009 "Emfangshalle" (Corbinian Böhm and Michael Grüber), the art group from Germany, will run a public art project "The Beauty and the Beast" in Kaliningrad. 

"The Beauty and the Beast" is about how Beauty can be perceived. On their visit to Kaliningrad the artists got an impression that everyone living here is thrilled about and competent in the issues of beauty. Russian women spend plenty of their time on Beauty. Men are also "big spenders on Beauty" - they pimp up their cars and pride themselves on them. 

 This feeling reaches its utmost peak on the territory of the former Royal Castle and the House of Soviets now soaring above the city. This is why exactly here Corbinian Böhm and Michael Grüber made a decision to carry out the communication part of the project - a photo session, for the Beauty could manifest itself with this monstrous building, a symbol of contemporary Kaliningrad, as the background.  

Couples with their favorite cars are welcome for participation in a photo session held by the artists themselves next to the House of Soviets. The photographs made will portray beautiful girls and beautiful cars against the background of "The Monster".

The best image will be selected through voting on the internet-portal www.kaliningradcity.ru and open visitors' vote during the photo session. The winners will be depicted on the largest amber picture 200x150cm in the world which will be made by the artists from "Emfangshalle" themselves.   

The picture and the photo and video materials of the project will be presented at the final exhibition featuring all the participants of the "Art on site" project which will be held in the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow in the framework of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art in October 2009.

The project "The Beauty and the Beast" is implemented in the framework of the international program "Art on Site" which is initiated by the Goethe Institute in Russia and the National Centre for Contemporary Arts with the assistance of the European Union in the framework of support for cooperation initiatives in the field of culture between the European Union and Russia.  www.goethe.de/artonsite

Media support of the project: KaliningradCity International Web Portal


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