Lecture/screening performance of Romana Schmalisch

On January 28, at 18.30 p.m. a lecture and screening performance of the artist Romana Schmalisch (Berlin, Germany) will be held in the lecturing hall of the Kaliningrad Art Gallery.

"Mobile cinema" is an apparatus which the artist demonstrates in various cities, accompanying the screenings by experimental lectures.

"Mobile cinema" is a reconstruction of a film prop from Alexander Medvedkin's film "The New Moscow" (1938): a projection and viewing table where an engineer on his journey to Moscow presents his designs and urban visions for the new city - a bizarre model that is somewhere between urban model, cinema, and plate camera.

Similar to the engineer in the film, Romana Schmalisch plans to travel to various places with the "Mobile Cinema" and to present some of her films. Her works is the research on urban space, the changes of urban space and the social changes that come with them. In the framework of the screening, a filmic collage of many of her own films as well as filmic materials not previously used, will also be shown.

The presentation of the "Mobile Cinema" project will take place in Vilnius, Kaunas, Warsaw and, on the invitation of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, in Kaliningrad. Here the artist will present in a lecture/screening performance independent sequences like "The theatre and the small spectacle", "The model and the city in Soviet film", "Views of remote countries/A visual archive", and "A view into space" with texts by Esther Buss, Clemens Krümmel, Megan Sullivan, Marina Vishmidt, a song by Angie Reed. The artist will additionally show the film "Dom Sovietov" (2004) which she shot and realized together with Robert Schlicht in Kaliningrad.

Duration of the lecture/screening performance - 1,5 hours

The Kaliningrad Art Gallery (60-62 Moskovsky prospect st.)


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